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Ayurvedic Capsules

Ayurvedic Capsules is the category that covers wide range of products (capsules) under it such as :-

Leucosol Capsules which is responsible to take care of Leucorrhoea. Reumatone Capsules that soothes Rheumatic Pain.Gastogim Capsules is very effective in Gastric Disorders.Renasin Capsules cures Urinary Tract Infections.Saffodin Capsules are basically Natural Blood Purifier.Menofit Capsules takes care Menopausal Disorders. Vigomin Capsules imparts Vigour & Vitality. Hyper B.P. Capsules maintains Blood Pressure. Dysentex Capsules treats Diarrhoea & Dysentry. Immusol Capsules strengthens Immunity. Tretol Capsules are Anti-Diabetes. Ginsenco Capsules owes to Ginseng.

Calsol Capsules acts as Natural Calcium. Haprhoid Capsules treats Piles. Also, Ayurvedic Capsules are very cost effective and should be taken as per the directions and prescription.